Malé City Council cancels HDC jurisdiction over Hulhumalé

Malé Mayor Muizzu | Photo: PPM

Malé, Maldives – The Malé City Council, today, cancelled the registration granting Housing Development Corporation (HDC) authority over Hulhumalé and has reclaimed the artificial city under the city council’s jurisdiction.

The decision was passed with a 12 member vote for the affirmative from the opposition majority Malé city council on 30th meeting of the 4th Malé city council. Ruling party MDP councilors, Aidhath Nazly Rasheed and Ahmed Zameer also voted for the motion.

We have sent letters to the President and Local Government Authority (LGA). We are unable to solve public’s issues with no jurisdiction over Hulhumalé municipal services.

Malé City Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh

Prior to this HDC has denied a opposition party event approved by Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh stating that the opposition had not requested for a permit from the corporation.

The Housing Development Corporation Ltd. (HDC), initially the Hulhumalé Development Corporation Ltd, is a 100% state owned corporation established through a Presidential Decree on the 23rd March 2005. The key mandate of HDC is to undertake the reclamation,
urban development and management of Hulhumalé island as a new urban city in the greater Malé region.

In 2009 the Corporation was restructured to the Housing Development Corporation Ltd with a broader mandate to include that of housing, real estate and infrastructure developments in other regions of the Maldives. However, the main focus still remains in ensuring the successful development of Hulhumalé.