Maldives imposes fine for failure to report infectious diseases

Hulhumalé Covid-19 Facility | Photo: Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services

Malé, Maldives – Newly gazetted Regulation on reporting diseases (164R/2021) states that a fine of MVR 1000 will be imposed to those who fail to report diseases that are a threat to public safety.

The regulation details that Health Protection Agency (HPA) must publish a booklet detailing the diseased to be reported.

The diseases must include diseases which must be reported within 24 hours; infectious diseases, diseases specified by international regulations as to be reported, newly classified diseases, diseases that pose a threat to public safety.

Professionals in the health sector are advised to report any suspicion of said diseases within 12 hours, regardless of a positive confirmation. For deceased patients, if at any point the symptoms point to a disease on the list, health professionals must report within 2 hours. Schools must report any such suspicion in students within 12 hours.

Failure to report the diseases will result in MVR 1,000 fine while making a false allegation on purpose will have a MVR 3,000 penalty.