Government cannot control diseases alone: Dr. Jamsheed

Dr. Ahmed Jamsheed Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – The government cannot control diseases alone, says former Health Minister of Maldives, Dr. Ahmed Jamsheed.

In a tweet he sent out this morning, Dr. Jamsheed said that controlling diseases cannot be managed by the government alone and that it would be a combined effort of the administration and the public together, referring to the alarmingly high number of Covid-19 infections which have recently started surfacing.

He detailed his remarks saying that it is important for everyone to assess their own behavior and see what can be changed for the better to break the chain of transmission.

The number of Covid-19 infections are on the rise and many are blaming the government for easing lockdown restrictions, which the government justifies the eases as a necessity to restart the economy, hence requesting that the public exercise their individual responsibility in curbing the Covid-19 pandemic, by following social distancing and other precautionary measures which have been put in place.