Gan International Airport to become Maldives’ first fully solar-powered airport

Gan International Airport | Photo:

Addu City, Maldives – Fenaka Corporation Limited and Clear Future Synergies Limited signed the largest power purchase agreement in the outer atolls which would transform Gan International Airport into Maldives’ first fully solar-powered green airport.

Solar PV panels installed at Gan International Airport will generate enough renewable energy to meet the airport’s consumption requirements.

This agreement signed virtually is the first without funding with a foreign independent power producer (IPP) for the installation of 4.5MWp solar photovoltaic (PV) in Addu City.

Clear Future Synergies Limited (CFS) of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to invest as a developer to install a 4.5MWp Solar PV plant in Addu City.

This project will install 2MWp of solar PV on S.Hulhumeedhoo island, along with battery storage and an energy management system, and 2.5MWp of solar PV at Gan International Airport. The plant will be operated and maintained by CFS for the next two decades. Fenaka will purchase renewable energy from CFS under a Power Purchase Agreement during this time period.

The renewable energy project on S.Hulhumeedhoo island has the potential to be expanded further to serve the adjacent resort islands.

This project’s successful implementation will result in an annual savings of 2.1 million liters of diesel and a CO2 emission reduction of 5500 tonnes.