Doctors at Senahiya Military Hospital petition the President seeking unpaid frontline allowance

Flu clinic at Senahiya Military Hospital | Photo: MNDF

Malé, Maldives – Doctors at the military hospital, Senahiya, have submitted a petition seeking unpaid frontline allowance to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The well intentioned allowance you [President Solih] promised for frontliners active in this dangerous [pandemic] environment have been withheld for some.

Senahiya Hospital Frontline Doctors

Fifteen doctors at Senahiya Hospital operated by the Maldives National Defence Force submitted the petition to the President stating that the presidential promise of allowances for frontline workers have not been paid.

The doctors stated that they are bringing this duplicity to the President’s attention, as there have been no solution despite multiple dialogues with the relevant authorities.

The frontline doctors have previously petitioned Senahiya Hospital management to receive the unpaid frontline allowance.

Ealier in December, frontline workers protested infront of the Ministry of Health following months of unpaid Covid-19 frontline allowances.

“COVID-19 Frontline Allowance” was introduced to incentivise frontline workers exposed to different levels of risk associated with the COVID-19 health protection efforts. These frontline workers have been grouped into 3 risk categories, which determine the value of allowance paid out.

The three tiers include high-risk with MVR 500/daily, medium risk with MVR 250/daily and low risk with MVR 200/daily to be paid to the frontline workers.