No quarantine for fully vaccinated direct contacts

Healthcare workers seen while taking random samples in Addu City | Photo: adduLIVE

Malé, Maldives – In a statement released today, Health Protection Agency has cancelled quarantine for fully vaccinated asymptomatic direct contacts.

HPA states that fully vaccinated individuals are,

  • Those who have completed two doses of an MFDA or WHO approved Covid-19 vaccine, given that 6 months have not passed since the 2nd dose.
  • For those past 6 months from the second dose, a booster dose is required to be declared as fully vaccinated.

Direct contacts of a Covid-19 individual with symptoms must however observe quarantine until a negative rapid antigen or PCR test is produced.

Those exempt from quarantine are also expected to do a PCR test 5 days from the date of last contact with the positive individual.

The exemptions are provided for direct contact who are not housing with the positive individual.

Direct contacts living with a Covid-19 positive patient must observe quarantine same as the positive patient. Once the quarantine period has passed, direct contacts must produce a negative PCR test to be released. A second PCR test is also necessary for these direct contacts.

HPA has also approved the use of home rapid testing kits for symptomatic patients. A lab result from a registered clinic is still required for quarantine documents even with the home test.