Domestic violence perp set free due to lack of evidence

Sinamalé bridge | Photo: Raajjemv

Malé, Maldives – A man arrested for assaulting a woman in a domestic residence has been released from police custody last Tuesday, after the victim refused to cooperate with authorities in pressing charges against the perpetrator.

The incident took place on Monday of last week, in a Malé house on Raiyvilla Hin’gun (road). Police are reported to have entered the house after sounds of what seemed to be violence against a woman was heard, and arrested the man in question.

Videos circulated on social media of a woman being escorted out of a house wearing blood stained clothes. It was reported that the victim still had the blade of what seems to be a knife still attached to her leg at that time. Police have not revealed the nature of relationship between both individuals.

However, the perpetrator had to be set free and the matter has been filed, following the refusal of the victim to further pursue the case, according to Maldives Police Service.

The general practice in such cases of domestic violence is to bring the suspected perpetrator to police custody for four hours, during which statements of both parties are collected and an official arrest being made if deemed fit.