Parliament grants unanimous approval for the Maldives Hydrographic Service

INS Darshak, a hydrographic survey ship from the Indian Navy, conducting hydrogaphic survey in the Maldives | Photo: MNDF

Malé, Maldives – The Parliament today passed to establish the Maldives Hydrographic Service under the mandate of the Ministry of Defence as per the proposal of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The vote was passed with the unanimous approval of the 52 parliamentarians who participated in the vote. The Maldives Hydrographic Service is established under the Defence Ministry as per Article 116 of the Maldives constitution.

ARTICLE 116: The President has the discretion to establish all ministries required within the Government, and shall determine their areas of jurisdiction. The President shall submit all information relating to the ministries and their areas of jurisdiction to the People’s Majlis for approval.

The Maldives Hydrographic Service is created to conduct hydrographic surveys in the Maldives and maintain the data. The authority may also advise government authorities based on the data.

Further, the Maldives Hydrographic Service must create and publicize up to date nautical maps of the Maldives.