Addu Police Academy to open on 27th March

Ariel view of Addu Police Academy site | Photo: adduLIVE

Addu City, Maldives – The Police Academy being built in Addu City will be opened on 27th March, said Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed.

Although the works of the entire academy is still not complete, CP Hameed, during last December stated that as majority of the work required is complete and the facility is well done enough to be used, the opening will be in time for the upcoming anniversary of Maldives Police Service.

The academy, which has been named “National College of Policing and Law Enforcement” is being developed under the assistance of the Indian government, and the initial developmental work of the academy began in 2017, contracted to Sri Avantika Contractors.

The entire complex for which the Indian government is expected to spend USD 18 million will have modern accommodation blocks, a medical clinic, a PT ground, a helipad, a training centre, a gym which can accommodate 800 people, as well as a football ground and a basketball ground. Additionally, it will also be equipped with a 400 metre track, an auditorium which can fit 340 people and eight classrooms which can fit 40 people each.

According to authorities, although the academy is being built with the assistance of the Indian government, the facility’s management would be under the authority of the Maldivian government and that all law enforcement authorities of the country would be utilising the facility.