President ratifies the 7th amendment to the Judges Act granting parental leave

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday ratified the seventh amendment to the Judges Act of the Maldives (Law no. 13/2010).

The amendment bill added to the legislation Section 64-1, subsequent to Section 64, stipulating the provision of maternity and paternity leave with pay for judges and justices. The amendment stipulates that judges are eligible for additional leave in accordance with the Maldives Employment Act (2/2008).

Judges would be provided six months of maternity leave and one month of paternity leave.

Judges Act of the Maldives (Law no. 13/2010)

Parliament passed the bill on Monday, March 7, 2021, at the 14th sitting of the first session of Parliament this year. Upon ratification, the amendment has now been published in the Government Gazette.

While parental leave was granted to judges today, the pledge for parental leave has been implemented in the government sector since March 2019 with multiple private companies following suit.