Turtle nest near Sinamalé bridge moved to Four Seasons Resort’s turtle sanctuary

Turtle nest near Sinamalé bridge | Photo: EPA via Dhauru

Malé, Maldives – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday removed the turtle eggs near the Sinamalé bridge and moved them to a turtle sanctuary and rehabilitation centre in Four Seasons Kuda Huraa Resort.

A sea turtle swam ashore at the beach near the Sinamalé bridge for a second time at 21:00 on Tuesday to lay eggs. Police protected the area following much public criticism after a similar incident occurred on 27 February, with the Police preventing the turtle from laying eggs and transferring it back to the sea.

It is unclear whether this is the same turtle.

The spot where the turtle laid its eggs is unsafe due to waves crashing, leading to fewer eggs hatching.

Director General Ibrahim Naeem, Environment Protection Agency

The turtle laid 96 eggs at 02:00 last night which were then transferred to the Four Seasons Resort sanctuary confirmed Naeem to local news Dhauru.

The Four Seasons Resorts Maldives Sea Turtle Conservation Program started with the first turtle saved in March 2010. The program involves rehabilitating injured turtles and weak hatchlings that would otherwise not survive at sea; protecting nests and studying the local turtle population through identification and satellite tagging projects. The resort is also equipped with a hatchery and a Turtle Veterinarian.

The eggs transferred today are expected to hatch in two months.