Ministry of Fisheries & Agriculture introduces irrigation systems in GDh. Hoadehdhoo

Maldivian farmer tending to crops | Photo: UNDP Maldives

The Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture has conducted irrigation programmes in Hoadehdhoo, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, from March 1-22, 2022.

It has been noted that Maldivian agriculture is also facing various challenges due to climate change and the land acquired for agricultural use. In this regard, it is noted that due to the prolonged weather and the extraction of water from the land to water the trees, the amount of water faced by some islands has increased from year to year due to lack of water for agricultural and public life.

The irrigation programme was conducted to establish a system to use stored water for sustainable farming, and to create more awareness among farmers on the use of water.

Irrigation systems have been established in 10 fields as demonstration.

Information sessions will also be held on the island’s majority of farmers, interested parties and 10 participants in the irrigation program. The sessions were conducted from March 6-16, 2022 under the name “Basic Agricultural Training Programme”.

The training programme will provide information on the general public agricultural issues and ways to resolve the challenges faced in planting trees. A total of 47 participants completed the training.

The objectives of the irrigation programme conducted under the PS AP programme of the Ministry include using modern technology to educate and interest farmers in such systems. This will reduce the amount of water and food wasted in agricultural activities and enhance sustainable farming efforts.