“India Out” graffitied on Addu Mayor’s car ahead of President’s visit

Addu Mayor Ali Nizar's car graffitied with "India Out" slogan | Photo: Addulive

Addu City, Maldives – “India Out” was graffitied on Addu Mayor Ali Nizar’s car sometime last night.

Maldives Police Service confirmed that the case has been reported and are investigation is in progress.

In addition to the Mayor’s car “India Out” was spray-painted on Addu City Fenaka Office walls with the same blue paint.

This is a thoughtless political attack.

Addu Mayor Ali Nizar

While the incidents occurred ahead of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s visit to Addu City later this afternoon, “India Out” slogans have been painted on walls in a number of islands recently.

Opposition leader and former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom urged the public to write “India Out” on the walls of their home on a campaign trip to Shaviyani atoll in January this year.