70% of Russian market lost due to war – Min. Tourism

Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdullah Mausoom | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – Tourism Minister of Maldives Abdullah Mausoom has stated that the Russia-Ukraine war has had a major impact on the number of tourists arriving from those countries.

During the Parliamentary questioning today, answering questions regarding the impact of the war on the tourism of Maldives and whether work is being done to secure other markets, Minister Mausoom said that 70% of the Russian market has declined and that the Ukrainian market has also suffered a similar fate.

He detailed by explaining that prior to the war, Russia used to top the tourist market of the Maldives, but that the position is now held by the UK and that Ukraine has completely fallen off the list of top 10 tourist markets into the country.

As such, he added the closer markets need to be considered and that the Indian market needs to be revisited. However, he highlighted that Maldives as a product is open to the whole world and that the bigger aim is to find ways to bring tourists from all over the world.

He also highlighted that the hope is to increase tourists from China, a country that used to top the tourist market of Maldives.