Contractor prequalification commences for Addu airport development project

jet airport
Private Jets in the Gan International Airport in Addu City, Maldives. | Photo: AIA

Malé, Maldives – EXIM Bank of India on Sunday began the contractor prequalification process to develop Addu City’s Gan International Airport.

The airport capacity is expected to expand to cater to 1.5 million tourists annually upon completion of the project.

In addition, the airport is to be upgraded with the latest technology, a new control tower, fire station, parking area, cold and cargo storage areas.

While the Ministry of Economic Affairs plan to start the groundwork for the project by the end of 2022, the Ministry stresses that the airport development is a significant factor in the development of other industries in the southern region.

USD 17 million is allocated for the project under the Line of Credit from Exim Bank of India.