BML adds digital wallet to mobile app enabling seamless payment without physical cards

Photo: Bank of Maldives

Malé, Maldives – Bank of Maldives today announced the launch of BML Pay wallet on its Mobile Banking app. With the upgrade, contactless payment services and wallet-to-wallet transfer services are now available through the banking app.

Today we have integrated our digital wallet and payment functions to the mobile app enabling customers to bank and pay through a single app.

Tim Sawyer, BML’s CEO and Managing Director

With the new functionality, customers can facilitate payments through the BML Mobile Banking app with Scan to Pay for a faster and secure payment experience, or send money to friends and family using just their mobile number.

Last year, BML introduced its Mobile Banking App with a new look and extra features to provide a secure and seamless banking experience to customers.

[With the new upgrade] Customers can Scan to Pay or, if they use an NFC-enabled phone, Tap to Pay directly from the App at merchants across the country.

Across the world, mobile based contactless payments are among the most secure and fastest modes of payments and we are proud to introduce this on our App.

Bank of Maldives introduced the first mobile banking app to the Maldives in 2015, allowing customers to bank conveniently anywhere, anytime. Today, over 90% of the Bank’s customers use internet banking.