Shahubaan resigns from Maldives Media Council

Shahubaan Fahumy, Former President of Maldives Media Council | Photo: MMC

Malé, Maldives – Shahubaan Fahumy, who was working in the capacity of President of the Maldives Media Council (MCC) has resigned from his duties.

His resignation comes following two failed attempts by the council to remove him from the council’s presidency.

Speaking with local media post resignation, Shahubaan justified his resignation by stating that the decision was made to avoid irreparable damages that may be sustained by the council, journalists and media.

I resigned because I believe my safety has been compromised through the efforts of certain members who are in greed of my position.

Shahubaan Fahumy, Former President of Maldives Media Council, 2022

He further added that he fears his safety has been compromised and that he faces ridicule and harassment even when out in the public with his family.

He also slammed back at his former colleagues at MMC by saying that no matter how many times a no confidence vote is taken against him, it will end unsuccessful with only 8 or 9 votes.

Efforts to remove him as President of MMC began following money laundering allegations made against him concerning an alleged ponzi scheme run by Shahubaan’s brother Alhaan. Local reports suggest that Shahubaan is a self-proclaimed sleeping partner of Alhaan’s company. However, The Times of Addu has not been able to independently verify this.