New members elected to Media Council

Elections at MMC | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – New members have been appointed to the Maldives Media Council (MMC), on Saturday, comprising of six independent members from the public, and six members representing various media outlets across the country.

During this election, 200 media outlets were awarded the right to vote, out of which, 187 media exercised the right to vote and elected;

  • Ali Hussain (PSM)
  • Hussain Shafeeq (Thiladhun)
  • Muizzu Ibrahim (Mihaaru)
  • Adam Nawaz (Vaguthu)
  • Adam Nazeer (Hathaavees Online)
  • Hassan Shakir Mohamed (Asdhan’di)
  • Shahubaan Fahumy (Sangu TV)
  • Fathimath Mohamed (Independent)
  • Anwar Ibrahim (Independent)
  • Ibrahim Fauzy (Independent)
  • Ahmed Moosa (Independent)
  • Shafaa-ath Habeeb (Independent)
  • Mohamed Shafaau Hassan (Independent)

The media council comprises of 14 members, of which two current members will have their terms ended in the upcoming year, which would result in a Media Council bi-election.

While the MMC celebrated the election of new members, the government of Maldives has previously expressed views on merging the Broadcasting Commission and the MMC, of which some work was done by the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Commissions. Since then the Attorney General’s Office has also initiated work to formulate a bill named “Maldives Media Commission”, and is expected to be forwarded to the Parliament by the beginning of the upcoming year.