Maldives Police frontline officers gain access to INTERPOL’s database

Frontline officers of Maldives Police Service have been granted access to INTERPOL databases | Photo: INTERPOL

Malé, Maldives – Front line officers of Maldives Police Service have been granted real time access to INTERPOL’s database.

Secretary General of INTERPOL Jürgen Stock, in a tweet he published on 10th June, revealed that frontline officers of Maldives Police Service will now have access to viral policing information, and commended Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed for “putting the Maldives at the forefront of global law enforcement cooperation.”

In a reply on the same thread, Hameed said that it’s the hard work of the country’s very efficient National Central Bureau which is also backed by a very effective ICT team. He further added that he has always believed that “we need to do bigger and make a mark in global law enforcement cooperation,” and thanked INTERPOL and team Project GEMINI.

Access to INTERPOL comes after years of work, which commenced in 2019.