Covid-19 on the rise in Maldives: HPA

Covid-19 test sampling - Photo: Ministry of Health

Malé, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has reported that covid-19 cases are on the rise in the Maldives again, after a decline in numbers the past few months.

HPA announced that 142 cases have been confirmed last week, a staggering 69 percent rise compared to the week earlier. It was further detailed that an increase in the requirement for those newly contracting the virus to be hospitalised has been observed as well.

According to HPA, 15 individuals were hospitalized due to covid-19 last month in the Maldives. However, 11 people had to be taken in for hospitalized treatment so far this month, HPA underlined while advising caution to standby preventive measures such as use of masks and isolation of covid-19 patients. Among the total of 142 cases from last week, 50 cases were reported from Malé region, 40 cases from other atolls, and the remaining 52 cases coming from resorts and other industrial islands.

Maldives has reported a total of 179,979 cases of covid-19 so far, while 299 lives have been lost due to it. National restrictions due to the disease were lifted and public health measures were eased during last March as authorised by the Director General of Public Health Maimoona Abubakr.