142 cases of dengue reported in Maldives this month

Aedes mosquito: the bite of these mosquitos can spread dengue | Photo: South China Morning Post

Malé, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has reported that so far this month, a total of 142 cases of dengue fever have been reported in Maldives.

Speaking at an interview, Medical Officer of HPA Dr. Nazla Rafeeq said that this year, the highest number of dengue cases in the country were reported in July, accounting for 355 cases.

In August and September, cases were between 250-260, with cases rising again this October. According to reports, a total of 142 cases were reported by 12th October, Dr. Nazla revealed. She also added that the prevalence of dengue is higher in some islands. Two youth and a child have also recently passed away from the mosquito borne disease.

As cases continue to rise, HPA urges the public to take protective action against mosquito bites, such as destroying of mosquito breeding grounds (stagnant water), and wearing mosquito repellant as well as long clothing.