Child sex offender jailed for 57 years

Protest against child sex abuse in Malé | Photo: Sun/Muzayyin Nazim

Malé, Maldives – An individual from Vaavu Atoll who sexually assaulted a child, and made the child witness sexual acts while being a member of the child’s family has been ordered to jail for 57 years by the Criminal Court.

The cumulative prison sentence of the individual added up to 57 years after three charges raised against the person were proven to be true in court, making this the biggest punishment ordered for such a crime in recent time.

The individual, who was initially charged in 2019, was first convicted of sexually assaulting the child which resulted in a 25 year jail sentence. This was then added to the 17 year jail sentence he received for deliberately carrying out an act of sexual nature to show the child while being in a position of trust, as well as the 15 year jail sentence he received for making the child witness sexual acts carried out by other persons while being in a position of trust.

The person was also charged with touching a child with sexual intentions as well as showing pornographic material to the child. However, these charges were dismissed by the court.

Although the individual was sentenced to 57 years in prison, only 54 years remain to be served, as the time he has spent in lockup thus far was deducted from the total sentence.