112 child sexual abuse cases pending at Maldives Criminal Court

Protest against child sex abuse in Malé | Photo: Sun/Muzayyin Nazim

Male’, Maldives – The Criminal Court of Maldives on Tuesday reported that there are 112 child sexual abuse cases pending at the court.

Local media reports that starting 2018, there are 112 child sexual abuse cases at the Criminal Court from those filed by the prosecution.

  • [2018] 20 cases filed, 11 sentenced
  • [2019] 35 cases filed, 27 sentenced
  • [2020] 64 cases filed, 22 sentenced
  • [2021] 34 cases filed, 15 sentenced
  • [2022] 10 cases filed, 12 sentenced

The cases represented for 2022 are until May of this year and incomplete cases from the previous years add to the following years caseload.

A total of 163 child sexual abuse cases were filed at the Criminal Court starting 2018, of which just 87 cases reached completion. The court currently reports 112 pending cases.

The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) granted added incentives to the Criminal Court judges to work overtime to complete the caseload.

Maldives Courts have recently passed harsh judgments to completed cases for child sexual abuse including the maximum possible sentence for the child sexual abuse case of a grand daughter in 2020 and the maximum cumulated sentence for a child sexual abuse case with 57 year imprisonment.