Addu City hosts “Dhivehi Fannaanunge Miuziky Eid” concert showcasing Maldivian talent

Maldivian musicians performing live | Photo: Shamveel

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City will be hosting the largest music show held in the Maldives “Dhivehi Fannaanunge Miuziky Eid” from 27 to 28 July 2022.

The concert showcasing Maldivian talent is organized by National Centre for the Arts (NCA) and hosted by Addu City Council in the southernmost city of the Maldives.

Veteran music bands including Traphic Jam and Equatic Vibe will be participating in the concert in addition to two music bands and some artists based in Addu City.

This is the first time since the pandemic that the popular music event is being held physically with the past few shows hosted virtually due to Covid-19 control measures.

Addu City is emerging as a regional centre for celebratory festivals recently by hosting a series of events including concerts and fireworks earlier this month to celebrate Eid al Adha. This is the second large music event the city is hosting consecutively in conjunction with Independence Day.