Customs revenue jumps 44 percent in June 2022

Photo: Maldives Ports Limited

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Customs Service on Sunday revealed statistics indicating an increase of 44 percent in the customs revenue in June 2022.

The revenue for June 2022 is recorded at MVR 394 million.

The latest statement by the Customs exhibited an increase of 78 percent in the goods that were imported in June. The total imports including fuel is at MVR 5.2 billion with fuel imports at MVR 1.3 billion making it the highest imported good last month.

The second highest imported goods category was machinery including electrical at MVR 926 million.

Food items are rated third at MVR 761 million, excluding restricted items such as pork, alcohol and tobacco. MVR 34 million was spent on tobacco, alcohol and pork, while MVR 36 million worth of cigarettes were imported

The major importing countries are Oman (MVR 1.1 billion), India (MVR 636 million), China (MVR 558 million), UAE (MVR 435 million) and Malaysia (MVR 428 million).

Vessel movements in June indicate an increase compared to the same period in 2021, with 93 vessel arrivals and 114 departures recorded in 2022 as opposed to 75 vessel arrivals and 91 vessel departures in 2021. The number of declarations processed also increased from 13,809 in June 2021 to 19,313 in 2022.