Addu City Council requests public not to disturb seal

Beached seal in Addu City | Photo: Extracted from video by Aik Ashraf

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Council has made an announcement urging the public to not disturb the seal that has entered the atoll in recent days.

The council’s statement read that a seal, which is a very rare sight in the Maldives, was spotted near the “Kin’bivau” area of Hithadhoo, and that a lot of locals have been visiting the area and attempting to feed the animal as well as try to get close pictures with it.

“As seals are independent creatures that live on their own, this council calls on the public to not harm, feed or gather around the seal to take photos or disturb it in any other way,” the statement read.

Beached seal at Hithadhoo, Addu City | Matrix Hussein, Facebook

Pictures posted by locals on social media today showed two hole-like injuries on the visitor’s back. Pictures also showed police guarding the area where the seal is currently beached with the area cordoned off.

The pinniped was first spotted this year on July 31st, after which it made its second appearance yesterday. However, one was reported to have been spotted a few years back as well.

Seals are not native to the Maldives and this visitor is observed to have lost its way.