No beach of Addu is up for sale: Addu City Council

Photo: Abdullah Rasheed

Addu City, Maldives – No beach of Addu City has been put up for sale, revealed deputy mayor of Addu City Council, Mohamed Yasrif.

Yasrif said this in a tweet, where he responded to a ruling party activist, Abdullah Rasheed (Icee), who asked of the council to make it clear to the public whether any beach of Addu City has been announced for sale.

His tweet read that no beach of the city has been put up for sale and that the beaches will remain for everyone to be able to use them.

“We only asked to abide by the law. Talking in ways which may create confusion and misunderstanding among the people will not benefit Addu.” Yasrif said, referring to the criticism faced by the council regarding a notice published by the council, warning the people of Addu to not “make” any beaches without the prior approval of the council.

Addressing the issue of the beaches, specifically that of Feydhoo, Yasrif added that the area was developed by the government of Maldives in 2017, at the expense of the government, and a concept plan was then drawn out by the council.

He also highlighted that 24 plots of land were announced to be leased out in October 24th of last year, in a joint effort by the council and the tourism ministry, which was in no way, a sale announcement.

At present, there are five zones allocated by the council as tourism zones.