HRCM expresses concern over leak of explicit videos

Members of HRCM | Photo: Social Media

Malé, Maldives – Human Rights Commission of the Maldives has expressed serious concern over the recent increase in the leak of videos depicting explicit content.

HRCM, in a statement released today, stated that while the number of videos with explicit content is on the rise, sharing of such content is a crime as well as in line with defamation.

The statement further said that such videos also hinder the justice process and create conflict between families and individuals, which has created a huge fear of families falling apart as well.

“While the digital platforms on which such videos are being shared are also used by underaged children, children and others with sensitivity to such content are being subjected to content that they should not be subjected to. This is in violation with the right to safety and growth.

As such, the authority urged anyone with such videos or any other information to hand them over to relevant investigative bodies in these cases and any other cases as well. HRCM also called on investigative authorities to conduct investigations at an appropriate pace.

This comes at a time when the country is facing one of it’s biggest same-sex scandals, with many high profile individuals being accused of having same-sex relations with a Bangladeshi man named MD Alamgir. The scandal came to light when videos allegedly depicting explicit content of same-sex relations between Alamgir and well known locals were leaked on social media.

Alamgir and several at least 4 others are currently in Police custody over the same-sex relation scandal.