State Minister Solih reinstated

State Minister of Tourism Ministry, Ahmed Solih is now reinstated after his suspension | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – The government of Maldives has reinstated Ahmed Solih’s title as State Minister of the Ministry of Tourism after a near two year suspension, following his acquittal by the Criminal Court.

Solih, who has served around 25 years in the Tourism Ministry, resumed his duties as State Minister two weeks ago.

He was charged by the state with exploiting his official capacity, concerning the head lease of an island and three lagoons. The charges against him read that he signed and sent letters to some individuals stated that there was no investigation being carried out with regards to the islands, at a time when the Presidential Commission had specifically notified against changing of the head lease of these islands.

Declaring the verdict in this case on 20th of last March, the Criminal Court declared that sufficient evidence was not provided to prove the allegations against Solih beyond reasonable doubt, as required by Article 51 of the Maldives’ Constitution.

With regards to the charge raised against him, witnessed presented by the state against Solih stated that Solih’s letters did not mention any information concerning the lease of islands, and that although the then Tourism Minister Ali Waheed ordered the changing of the islands’ leases, it was later rendered void.

As such, Solih was acquitted and released from suspension.