Retired Zakariyya still receives MVR 51,000 monthly

Zakariyya Mansoor during his retirement ceremony | Photo: MNDF

Malé, Maldives – Director General of National Counter Terrorism Center (NTCT) Brigadier General Zakariyya Mansoor receives a monthly remuneration of MVR 51,737 despite his retirement from Maldives National Defence Force.

Aiman Latheef, who requests and publishes information under the Right to Information Act in the Maldives, revealed this on Twitter, publishing the response received from Ministry of Defence.

According to the Ministry of Defence, Zakariyya received a total sum of MVR 57,032 as monthly remuneration during his tenure as Brigadier General at MNDF. A break down of this amount includes:

  • MVR 27,240 – Basic Salary
  • MVR 4,500 – Service Allowance
  • MVR 2,500 – Service Allowance Increment
  • MVR 10,896 – Non-Practice Allowance
  • MVR 4,086 – Technical Allowance
  • MVR 6,810 – Long Service Allowance
  • MVR 1,000 – Phone Allowance

Upon his retirement, he received a lump sum of MVR 1,007,880 on top of his monthly retirement allowance of MVR 20,430.

However, despite his retirement from MNDF, he still works at the NCTC as the Director General, and receives a monthly salary of MVR 31,300, which breaks down to:

  • MVR 18,000 – Basic Salary
  • MVR 12,500 – Living Allowance
  • MVR 800 – Phone Allowance

This adds up to a monthly remuneration of MVR 51,730 including his retirement allowance.

After 37 years of service, Zakariyya retired from MNDF on September 9, 2021.