MDP more united and determined than ever: President Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (L) and Speaker Mohamed Nasheed (R) at the recently concluded MDP Congress | Photo: Adhadhu

Malé, Maldives – With the conclusion of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has exclaimed that the party is more united and determined than ever before.

In a tweet sent out by President Solih, described the congress as “very successful” and said that “we were able to engage in dialogue and find common purpose.”

This comes during a time when MDP is speculated to be highly divided, especially over the recent resolution to hold a constitutional referendum to change the country’s political system from Presidential to Parliamentary, proposed to the party’s congress by Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

This resolution was met with strong resistance by multiple key political figured of both the party and the country, including President Solih himself, who even called on Nasheed to withdraw the resolution, which he eventually did at the nick of time following discussions with President Solih.

With the congress concluded, the party now looks at holding internal primary elections to elect the party’s nomination for the 2023 Presidential Elections. Both Nasheed and President Solih have previously expressed interest in this election.

While MDP gears up for primaries, opposition coalition PPM-PNC have already awarded their party ticket to former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayyoom, during an official ceremony held to mark the occasion, this week.

For far, government coalition party Jumhooree Party (JP) has also announced interest in nominating a candidate for the Presidential elections, while other member parties of the coalition – Adhaalath Party and MRM – are yet to make a decision on the matter.