Jabir comes back to MDP

Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir handing over his form to join MDP to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. | Photo: Dhen

MP for Kaashidhoo constituency, Abdulla Jabir has joined Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

He signed up for the MDP at a ceremony where he handed over the form to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. MDP Chairperson Fayyaz Ismail also attended the ceremony and welcomed Jabir.

Jabir joined the MDP while 12 MPs who were on the side of former President Mohammed Nasheed left the party. They have now applied to the Election Commission (EC) to register a party under the name of The Democrats.

Speaking to reporters after the ceremony, President Solih described Jabir’s joining the MDP as a huge step forward for the party and the government.

Solih, who is contesting the upcoming presidential election on the MDP ticket, said Jabir’s joining the party helped him win the election.

Noting that Jabir played a major role in the MDP’s victory in the 2018 presidential election, President Solih said, “If Jabir comes out with that enthusiasm, it will be a great victory for many people.”

Jabir joined the MDP while working to form a new political party called the Green Party after dissolving the DRP. The Election Commission granted Jabir permission to form the party in February last year.

However, he has not applied for registration of the party. He joined the MDP today, bringing the total number of MDP members in parliament to 55.

The MDP has lost its super majority in parliament following the defection of several MPs. Speaker Nasheed left the MDP on 21st of this month.