President calls on top achievers to specialize in essential fields for national development 

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih handing over the prize for a top achiever in the "Top Achievers' Award 2020-2021" ceremony | Photo: President’s Office

Malé, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has called on top achievement winners to pursue knowledge and specialize in essential fields for national development.

Speaking at the “Top Achievers’ Award 2020-2021” ceremony, President advised students to be aware of current affairs, cautious of the spread of different ideologies, and vigilant towards the different tides around them. He also called on students to utilise their youthful spirit to uphold and promote Islamic values and patriotism.

Attributing the success of the top achievers to the hard work and dedication of the schools and parents, the President acknowledged the struggles of teachers and parents throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in Maldivian students attaining outstanding results on the international stage. The President extended his gratitude to the teachers and parents for these results, crediting them with their dedication and hard work.

The President also spoke about the importance of providing the opportunity for the students to deliver results and service to the nation. He also noted the achievements of the administration’s decentralisation policies and called on students to consider working and serving the country in their home islands, closer to their parents and families. The President also spoke about the administration’s initiatives to modernise and advance the education sector.

Maldivian students broke previous records in the higher secondary and secondary examinations in 2020-2021. 5,955 students sat the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and secondary examinations in the academic year, while another 2,641 students took the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and higher secondary examinations.

757 students in the secondary examinations were included in the national top 10 rankings, while 13 were in the world’s top 10 for individual subject achievements. Six students won the High Achievement Award.

In the higher secondary examinations, 348 students were placed in the national top 10, and 41 students won places in the world’s top 10 for individual subject achievements.

[Source: President’s Office]