Hearing of bribe case against Mahloof cancelled

Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – The Criminal Court of Maldives has cancelled the hearing pertaining to allegations of taking bribes against Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof upon the state’s request, as he is currently on an official trip in Mulaku Atoll with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Mahloof, who remains a cabinet Minister of the incumbent government despite having a criminal case against him in court, was already in Mulaku atoll when the Criminal Court published its schedule for today, where Mahloof’s hearing was scheduled for 09:00 today.

The hearing was cancelled after the Prosecutor General’s office made the request, it has been confirmed. It has also been reported that the Prosecutor General’s Office notified the court as early as Thursday.

“The hearing was supposed to be cancelled from Thursday onwards, however the unamended schedule was published with the hearing, so it was re-published after the correction,” an official from the Court confirmed.

The case in question against Mahloof was first rejected by the Criminal Court, claiming that it cannot be proceeded under civil standards. But following an appeal by the Prosecutors in High Court, the Criminal Court was ordered to proceed with the case on March 21.

Mahloof is charged for taking USD 33,000 (MVR 508,860) in bribes from the MMPRC corruption funds, during his term as Parliament Member of South Galolhu constituency.

However, Mahloof denies these allegations and claims that it was simply a purchase of dollars in exchange for the equivalent amount in local currency.