MD Alamgir sentenced to 7 months in jail for homosexuality

MD Alamgir, a Bangladeshi national arrested and sentenced to jail in the Maldives for homosexuality

Malé, Maldives – Bangladeshi national MD Alamgir, who has been convicted of homosexuality in the Maldives, has been sentenced to seven months in prison by the Criminal Court today.

Alamgir, who has been seen in leaked videos depicting explicit content of sexual nature with multiple men, was arrested on 12 June, in the Islamic country.

The first hearing of Alamgir’s trial was held yesterday, during which he plead guilty to the charges raised against him at the the preliminary hearing. With this, the trial was escalated to the sentencing stage, which took place today.

In the sentencing today, which was held confidentially, presiding Judge Ali Adam sentenced Alamgir to seven months and seven days in jail, after which he must repent.

Alamgir is among the first to be sentenced from the recent gay scandal in the country which also involves several politically significant individuals.

Others arrested and being investigated in connection with the scandal include prominent lawyer Nazim Sattar, who is also the brother of Speaker Nasheed, former Member of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, as well as former Drug Enforcement Department officer of Maldives Police Service Sergeant Abdul Rahman Rafeeu.

These three individuals have been released from remand following investigations, and have now been charged.

Several other individuals are also being investigated, allegedly including mosque Imams and teachers.