Education Ministry to conduct literacy classes

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali at the inauguration of Izzuddin School | Photo: Fayaz Moosa

Malé, Maldives – The Education Ministry of Maldives has decided to conduct special literacy classes for those in the Maldivian population who do not know how to read and write.

In a statement released on the occasion of International Literacy Day 2022, the Ministry said that literacy efforts will be put into teaching the age 18-55 population in Maldives who do not know how to read and write.

This will be done in collaboration with local city and atoll councils, by the Institute of Education, said the statement.

Additionally, islands with a full literate population will be identified and presented with a plaque. In order to be declared an island with a hundred percent literate population, certain conditions must be met, said the Ministry.

The most wide-range literacy classes and programs in the Maldives were held during the early days of Former President Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom’s regime, which resulted in the country becoming the country with the highest percentage of literate population in this region.