Over 50 percent of eligible Maldivian school students vaccinated against Covid-19

Student receiving Pfizer Vaccine in Kulhudhufushi City | Photo: KRH

Malé, Maldives – Education Ministry of Maldives informs that over 50 percent of the eligible student population in the country are now inoculated with the first dose of Pfizer vaccine.

In a statement today, the Education Ministry said that 20,239 students aged 12 to 17 years old are now vaccinated with the first dose across Maldives.

While the Covid-19 vaccination for school students are arranged through the Education Ministry, students are inoculated at vaccination centres according to Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC).

The Pfizer vaccination campaign is facilitated by the 128،700 doses of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine donated to the Maldives by the United States on Friday, 9 August 2021.

Under the Maldives government’s extensive program to vaccinate 90 percent of the resident population by the end of this month, 364,847 have administered the first dose while 298,418 people are fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

The Health Ministry is currently attempting to create a Covid-19 vaccine passport accepted globally for individuals who administer the Covid-19 through the national vaccination program.