National football team’s assistant coach quits over unpaid wages

President of FAM Bassam Jaleel (R) and now resigned Assistant Coach of National Football team Simao Costa | Photo: FAM

Malé, Maldives – Assistant Coach of the Maldivian national football team Simao Costa has resigned from the job over months of unpaid wages.

Costa announced his resignation in a Facebook post, where he revealed that he has not been paid since January 2022.

“I was very patient during these last 7 months,” Costa wrote adding that he tried his best to ensure and understand the situation as much as he could.

He also expressed sadness over having to leave the team, but said that Football Association of Maldives (FAM) is yet to give him any updates or explanation as to why he has not received his salaries.

Costa, who joined the national team during December of 2021, reflected back to the success the national team accomplished under his guidance, including several international matches with wins as well.

Along with Costa, experienced football expert Ali Suzeyn also works as an assistant coach for the team.