Bidding process for Gan Airport development commences

Illustration of the proposed Gan International Airport development project | Photo: Economic Ministry

Addu City, Maldives – Ministry of Economic Development has opened Gan Airport Development project for tender.

The ministry had previously revealed that seven companies had passed the pre-qualification stage.

The project entails development of the terminal with a capacity to cater to 1.5 million passengers per year and would also include shopping, dining, lounge, cargo, ARFF and other facilities.

This developmental project is being carried out utilising the USD 800 million line of credit extended by India, which also includes loan assistance via EXIM Bank. Out of this, USD 17 million has been allocated for this project.

India has previously described this development as one that would make Gan Airport a remarkable hub within the region.

Despite being an international Airport, only two airlines fly to the airport as of now; Maldivian for domestic travel, and Sri Lankan Airlines which flies to the airport twice a week.

Previous development to the airport include the extension of the runway and resurfacing of its existing runway, which is being put to use since 2016.