Addu City Meedhoo reports new dengue case

Fogging in Meedhoo district | Photo: Meedhoo Town Office

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Meedhoo Town Office on Tuesday reported a new case of dengue.

The town office reported that fogging will take place in Meedhoo district starting today and will continue for a week to combat the increase of mosquitoes.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) previously cautioned the public to remain vigilant in protection against dengue fever during internal travels. 

HPA released a number of measures to protect against dengue including, 

  • Prevent mosquitoes from access by keeping doors closed at all times
  • Prevent mosquito breeding inside and outside your home by destroying items, areas which may hold water
  • Dress to provide full coverage and to use mosquito repellants

Those suffering from a fever for more than three days and other dengue symptoms are advised to visit a doctor immediately.