Some MPs are involved in drug trafficking: MP Shareef

Member of Parliament for Maduvvari Constituency Adam Shareef | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – MP for Maduvvari constituency, Adam Shareef has said that some Maldivian MPs and other politicians are also involved in drug dealings.

The drug problem can only be solved if politicians and leaders work sincerely to stop it, Shareef said in a tweet.

“It is well known that some MPs are involved in drug trafficking, people should not vote for such people,” he said.

Adam Shareef said the drug problem has been going on for many days and has not been resolved. Drugs that used to be imported in small quantities are now being imported in worrying quantities, he said.

It is a very extensive business that is now being done, he said, adding that it has destroyed the youth as well as children of this country and the country has fallen into a huge pit. He said the issue can be solved by giving the perpetrators the punishment equally regardless of anyone.

When asked if there was evidence in his allegations, he said that everyone knows who the drug dealers are and that they do it. However, those who do such things do it very well planned to avoid leaving any traces, he said.

Shareef said drugs were smuggled into Maldives by air in the past but could not be stopped because authorities fail to trace how they are smuggled at a certain point. However, in a small country like Maldives, a large amount of drugs are now being smuggled in large containers because there are people involved in these activities at all levels of the state, he said.

He said he no longer believes that drug problems cannot be solved because of the lack of laws. If a law needs to be amended through parliament due to the drug problems in Maldives, he said, he is sure that parliament will do so.

He added that law enforcement should be strengthened to solve drug problems. He also said that loopholes in the laws should be patched up to prevent activities that are being circumvented.

In the past four years alone, 1.6 tons of drugs have been seized and a total of 1.9 tons of drugs have been destroyed.

Police Commissioner Mohammed Hameed recently said that drugs are the top priority in police operations. The organized drug smuggling networks have been closely monitored for the past four years, he said.