AFCONS Fire: Additional human remains found!

Accommodation block used by AFCONS burns down. | Photo: MNDF

Malé, Maldives – Additional human remains have been found in the area after a fire broke out in the the accommodation building used by the employees of the Indian company AFCONS, which is building the Thilamalé Bridge.

An employee had gone missing after a fire broke out in the residential block of AFCONS employees working on the bridge. Police have since found bones in the area and are trying to analyze them.

The bones were found while cleaning the area where the fire occurred and the investigation is underway, a police official said.

Local media report that the missing person is an Indian-origin truck driver who works for AFCONS Infrastructure. 

Mohammed Jinan, project manager of the Bridge Office, which was set up by the Planning Ministry to oversee the project, had told local media earlier that there was one person missing after the fire.

Police said further searches of the building and surrounding area have been launched as one of the residents of the accommodation block has not been seen since the fire.

The accommodation block that caught fire houses 465 people. More than 70 people were treated for various injuries in the fire. Some people jumped from the building to escape.

Thirteen people were injured in the fire and more than 60 were treated at Treetop Hospital. Treetop said most of the people taken to the hospital had broken limbs. Three of them sustained head injuries while one is in the ICU.

Many of the workers have expressed their dissatisfaction and protested today after the fire incident destroyed all the belongings.

However, the protest was stopped after the company assured them that it would help them, the bridge project office said.