President Solih to visit Addu City tomorrow

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. | Photo: Asif

Malé, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is scheduled to visit Addu City tomorrow.

President Solih will attend the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Feydhoo School in Addu City tomorrow.

The President is also scheduled to attend the graduation ceremony of the 34th Police Initial Training Course at the National College of Policing and Law Enforcement on the 14th of this month.

It is learned that the President will conduct some campaign activities for the MDP presidential primary after completing the official part of the visit.

President Solih’s trip to Addu City comes while he is also campaigning for the MDP presidential primary. He is traveling to some islands to campaign and has been accused of using government resources for campaigning by his opponent, Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

The primary will be held on the 28th of this month. Both are campaigning enthusiastically for the primary.

MDP Presidential Primary 2023 Timeline:

  • 18 December 2022– Presidential primary announced
  • 18 December 2022 – Presidential Primary
  • 24 December 2022– Deadline for acceptance of candidate nomination forms (at 16:00)
  • 26 December 2022 – Final list of candidates, with candidate numbers announced
  • 28 December 2022 – Presidential Primary Voters List released and open for complaints
  • 31 December 2022 – Voters List Complaints Deadline (16:00)
  • 03 January 2023 – Presidential Primary Final Voters List Released
  • 10 January 2023- Opening of opportunity for candidate representatives
  • 15 January 2023– Closing date for candidate representatives
  • 28 January 2023– Presidential Primary Voting Day