Investigation into doctor who claims to heal deaf people commences after he leaves Maldives!

Mala Ali Kurdistani seen in Maldives

Malé, Maldives – The Health Ministry has launched an investigation into the case of an Iraqi doctor who claims to treat people with disabilities such as hearing loss.

The ministry today launched an investigation into the case of Ali Kurdistani, five days after he left the country.

He arrived in Maldives on a tourist visa on 29 last month and went to an island and claims to have healed a 10-year-old boy in front of his family members. He shared a video on his social media. He also claimed that he had cured many hearing-impaired children in Maldives but the truth is still unknown.

Mala’s posts say he uses the Qur’an to treat people. However, various religious scholars in Maldives have expressed concern that the videos are believed to be an act of witchcraft.

Mala has done it by taking money. Some religious scholars have also called for caution against him, saying it has nothing to do with religion.

Born and brought up in Iraq, Mala Ali was a cleaner at an Iraqi mosque where he was fired for not doing his work efficiently. Now he owns a franchise of his healing work.

With aim of expanding his spiritual healing business, he started his work in Turkey and Saudia Arabia from where he was deported, and in Turkey, he was even arrested on charges of fraud and scam.