Hacking and cybercrime to be criminalized

Parliament of Maldives | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – An amendment has been moved to include unauthorized access to computer data and cyber crime in the Penal Code.

The reason for the amendment, which was moved by Henveyru North MP Ibrahim Muizzu on behalf of the government, is to make cyber crime-related activities an offense.

Offenses proposed to be added to the Penal Code:

  1. Unauthorized access to a computer system
  2. Unauthorized access to a computer system with the intent to facilitate the commission of a crime
  3. Unauthorized interception of computer data
  4. Unauthorized interference with a computer system
  5. Misuse of devices
  6. Acts of cyber violence
  7. Acts of Computer-Related Forgery
  8. Computer-related fraud
  9. Acts of infringement of copyright and other related rights

Although the acts are an offence, access under a court order or a permit authorized by law shall not be considered an offence.

The amendment also proposes imprisonment for more than a year for such an offence.

Cybercrimes are increasing in Maldives and the repetition of such crimes without adequate action is a concern. Government and banks have been heavily criticisms recently over lack of appropriate actions on such criminal activities.