Met with MP Falah as per rules, no influence: PG Shameem

Prosecutor General of Maldives Hussain Shameem | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Prosecutor General (PG) Hussain Shameem has said that he had met Maafannu West MP Mohammed Falaah and that the meeting was within the legal frameworks.

Some newspapers have accused MP Falaah of meeting with Prosecutor General Shameem and influencing the case after his son was arrested on drug-related charges.

Replying to a question at a press conference held yesterday, PG Shameem said there is a rule that meetings can be arranged by submitting forms and everyone is met according to that rule.

“If someone requests to meet me, there is a certain rule for doing so. There will be a form. If you fill it, you will get a meeting within two weeks or a week,” Shameem said.

Shameem said the conversations at such meetings will also be noted.

In addition, when asked whether influence could be exerted, Shameem said that no influence could be exerted.

Whether or not a lawsuit is filed, the reason for doing so will be written in detail, he said. Also, cases are decided by the consent of three members of the prosecutor’s office.