Pay harmonization will bring positive changes to council staff: Finance

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih meeting with members of the island council and Women’s Development Committee (WDC) of Bilehfahi Island in the North Miladhunmadulu Atoll. | Photo: President’s Office

The salaries of administrative employees of local councils will also be changed when equalizing the salaries of government employees, the Finance Ministry has said.

The councils have been passing resolutions calling for special allowances for employees of council agencies like civil servants working in ministries.

A Finance Ministry spokesperson said there was no salary increase for council employees in this year’s budget. However, when the salaries of public servants are equalized, they will also benefit, the official said.

The resolution said the salaries and allowances of the employees of the councils, which have been given all the responsibilities of the Decentralization Act, are lower than those of other government offices in the islands.

As a result, good educated and experienced employees leave council jobs and join other jobs, and it is difficult to find good educated employees, the resolutions stated.

The councils have called for the 35 percent allowance given to civil service employees to be given to administrative employees of the councils.

The government increased the salaries of principals and teachers in May last year. The salaries of all health workers will also be increased from next month.