Court rules against MDP in office chaos

MDP campaign banner hanging outside the office being removed after The Democrats were handed over the keys to the premise. | Photo: Fayaz Moosa

Court has ruled against giving an injunction to MDP in their dispute against the owner of MDP main office.

The owner of the building has informed MDP, that they want the office to be emptied as the contract was due and the owner doesn’t wish to renew the contract. MDP has filed a motion against the owner of the office building.

However, The Democrats members had seized the office on Monday, claiming MDP has no longer any right to any inch of the office. Yesterday MDP went to court requesting an injunction to stop Democrats members to seize the building before Civil Court issues a ruling in their original case. Court has denied this injunction.

Court has ruled that MDP no longer has any right towards said office building that needs to be protected, nor do they face any irreversible damages. Therefore, such injunction cannot be issued.

MDP claims they have the right to use the building until July of this year.