President spends an hour greeting his supporters upon arrival

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih greeting supporters in Addu City, Maradhoo. Photo: President's Office

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was received in a red carpet in Addu City yesterday.

The City gave President Solih its biggest ever reception in Maradhoo, forcing President to spend an hour greeting, taking pictures and talking with his beloved supporters.

President Solih inaugurated Addu reclamation project in Maradhoo before speaking to citizens.

People of Addu were jubilant all over Maradhoo. “We do not need a script to talk about our feelings to you anymore. In the past, we heard, ‘we can, we will’. But today, we are seeing land reclaimed. We all can see it from our own eyes,” A supporter talking to a local news said wholeheartedly.

MP for Meedhoo and Maradhoofeydhoo, Rozaina Adam said the people of Addu City showed that they truly believe in President Solih’s vision. “A long time has gone past, where leaders of the Nation has promised the people of Addu for these developments. But today we are seeing it from our own eyes. The President arrived here while work is on going.”

Government has announced MVR 6Bn has been spent just for development projects in Addu City. President Solih will today inaugurate Addu International Airport development project, which this government estimates to cater for 1.5 million tourists in a calendar year.