Motion to remove Speaker’s seat from JSC sent to Parliament

Members of JSC | Photo: Sun

Attorney General’s Office has sent a motion to remove 3 seats from Judicial Service Commission (JSC), including Speaker’s seat to the Parliament on Monday.

Current JSC has 10 members allocated. They are, Speaker of the Parliament, a Supreme Court Judge (who must not be Chief Justice), a judge allocated from High Court, a judge allocated from lower Courts, a member of Parliament selected from the Parliament, a lawyer selected among lawyers who are eligible to practice law in Maldives, a commoner allocated by the Parliament, President of Civil Service Commission, a candidate selected by the President and the Attorney General of the Maldives.

AG has sent a motion to remove Speaker, candidate allocated by the President and President of Civil Service Commission from JSC, to make judiciary more independent from other two branches of Government, a tweet read from the Attorney General’s Twitter account.

“Reforming JSC is one of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s pledges. This work has been continuing since 2009, until now 9 motions has been sent to the Parliament. With today’s two motions this work has been completed.” AG Riffath said.